Alibaba Cloud in 7 Days

Day #7 - Summary

May 15, 2018

[Editor's Note: I plan to go back over my content and pretty up each page. I also plan to add screenshots to help demonstrate features or clarify steps.]

I had planned to include a section on logging and monitoring, but I could not get the log service to work. This is due to my just not having enough time and enabling Alibaba Cloud Log Service will take a few hours of learning first.

One of the things that surprised me with Alibaba Cloud is their responsiveness to support requests. I opened three technical support emails during the evening my time zone and each time I had a response the next morning. This is very good support.

I also send emails to other contacts that I found on Alibaba's site for marketing and business development question and these emails were also answered the next day. Very good turnaround. To use the Global CDN, Chinese regulations require identity verification. I completed the form on a Saturday and I was approved Monday. Again, very responsive.

During my learning path, I only worked with services in the US-West-1 region. I did not attempt anything in China nor did I try to use the China Console. I do plan to spend time now to create services in China. My understanding is that the China Console is where all the newest services are first released, so I am curious about what I am missing.

Alibaba Cloud is very easy to work with. The services tend to have fewer features than AWS which makes learning a cloud service easier. Over time I expect that Alibaba will both develop new services and expand the feature set of existing services.

The biggest limitation that I found is SSL certificates. AWS offers free SSL certificates when used with supported AWS services.

Would I recommend Alibaba Cloud to a customer? Definitely. If the customer happens to also want to market in China, then Alibaba Cloud is the best choice. Also, I see no reason why a customer could not work with both AWS and Alibaba and have the best of both worlds.

Cloud security is a concern in most customer's minds, so I plan to dig much deeper into Alibaba's security products and complete more work on identity and access management, policies, encryption, VPNs, etc.

As a developer, I also plan to learn about Alibaba's developer tools, services, SDKs, etc. Today DevOps is a critical component of a good cloud strategy.

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