Alibaba Cloud and AWS Product Comparison

Date Created: May 7, 2018
Date Upated: May 25, 2018

There is a large overlap of products between Alibaba Cloud and AWS - as to be expected. AWS is a rapidly moving leader that is setting the tempo for the rest of the industry. It is much easier to copy the leader then to be the leader. I expect that Alibaba Cloud will continue rapid development of their services to keep up with AWS.

I am not comparing pricing. Cloud service pricing is not important to me until you get to global production status. Then everything is negotiable. If you are a small company that only needs a few basic cloud services, then price is probably very important to you. With all the major cloud providers today, you will have a challenging road trying to figure out how much your cloud will cost. There are so many variables that need to be considered that are just difficult to know in advance without real world metrics - which have their own cost to collect, process and manage.

If pricing is your only concern and your market is in a western country (US and Europe) then you have lots of options. If your market includes China, then Alibaba Cloud is a real consideration today. Alibaba's position to help you with the Chinese market is not to be underestimated.

If your concern is scalability, fault tolerance, security, hybrid networking, etc. then the choice becomes much more difficult. If your market includes China, then I would work with two cloud vendors and thoroughly test interoperability between them and your data centers. With China's strict and tight controls over the Internet and everything that happens regarding eCommerce in China your path will be much more challenging than just marketing to the US and Europe.


Description AWS Alibaba Cloud
Virtual Servers Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Elastic Compute Service (ECS)
GPU Servers EC2 Elastic GPUs Elastic GPU Service (EGS)
Auto Scaling Auto Scaling Auto Scaling (ESS)
Container Management Elastic Container Service (ECS) Container Service



Description AWS Alibaba Cloud
Serverless Functions Amazon Lambda Function Compute
API Service Amazon API Gateway API Gateway
Description AWS Alibaba Cloud
Web Applications Amazon Lightsail Simple Application Server
Web Applications AWS Elastic Beanstalk Web Hosting

Domains & DNS

Description AWS Alibaba Cloud
Domain Name Amazon Route 53 Domains
Domain Name System (DNS) Amazon Route 53 Alibaba Cloud DNS

Storage & CDN

Description AWS Alibaba Cloud
Block Storage Amazon Elastic Block Store Elastic Block Storage
Shared Block Storage N/A Shared Block Storage
Object Storage Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Object Storage Service (OSS)
Content Delivery Amazon CloudFront Alibaba Cloud CDN
Data Archiving Amazon Glacier N/A
Shared File Storage Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Hybrid Data Storage AWS Storage Gateway N/A
Data Migration AWS Snowball N/A


Description AWS Alibaba Cloud
Networking Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Dedicated Network AWS Direct Connect Express Connect
NAT Gateway NAT Gateway NAT Gateway
Load Balancing Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) Server Load Balancer (SLB)
Elastic IP Elastic IP Addresses Elastic IP
Hybrid Connectivity VPN Gateway VPN Gateway


Description AWS Alibaba Cloud
Relational Database Amazon Relational Database Service ApsaraDB for RDS
Caching Amazon ElastiCache ApsaraDB for Redis
Data Warehouse Amazon RedShift HybridDB for PostgreSQL
Query Service Amazon Athena N/A
NoSQL - Document Storage N/A ApsaraDB for MongoDB
NoSQL Database Amazon SimpleDB Table Store
NoSQL Database Amazon DynamoDB Table Store
Database Migration AWS Database Migration Service Data Transmission Service (DTS)


Description AWS Alibaba Cloud
DDoS Mitigation AWS Shield - Standard Anti-DDoS Basic
DDoS Mitigation AWS Shield - Advanced Anti-DDoS Pro
Mobile Security AWS Mobile Mobile Security
Web Application Security AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) Web Application Firewall
Instance Security N/A Server Guard
Certificate Service Certificate Manager SSL Certificates Service

Monitoring & Management

Description AWS Alibaba Cloud
Monitoring Amazon CloudWatch CloudMonitor
Authentication and Authorization AWS Identity and Access Management Resource Access Management
Encryption AWS Key Management Service Key Management Service
Encryption AWS CloudHSM


Description AWS Alibaba Cloud
Big Data Processing Amazon EMR E-MapReduce
Big Data Processing MaxCompute
Data Visualization N/A DataV
Development Platform N/A DataWorks

Application Service

Description AWS Alibaba Cloud
File Collabaration Amazon WorkDocs
Email Server Amazon WorkMail
Email Sending Service Amazon Simple Email Service DirectMail
Notification Service Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) Message Service (MNS)
API Service Amazon API Gateway API Gateway
Log Service Amazon Kinesis Log Service
Log Service Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Log Service

Media Services

Description AWS Alibaba Cloud
Live Video Streaming AWS Elemental MediaLive ApsaraVideo Live
Media Transcoding Service AWS Elastic Transcoder ApsaraVideo for Media Processing


Description AWS Alibaba Cloud
Command Line Tools AWS Command Line Interface Alibaba Cloud CLI
Cloud Provisioning CloudFormation Resource Orchestration Service
Cloud Provisioning AWS OpsWorks N/A
Developer Tools AWS Cloud9 N/A
Developer Tools AWS CodeStar N/A
Developer Tools AWS CodePipeline N/A
Developer Tools AWS CodeBuild N/A
Developer Tools AWS CodeDeploy N/A
Developer Tools AWS CodePipeline N/A
Developer Tools AWS X-Ray N/A

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