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Function Compute Python Start Response Parameter

Date Created: May 25, 2018
Last Update: May 25, 2018

The second parameter passed to the application object is a callable of the form start_response(status, response_headers, exc_info=None) . (As with all WSGI callables, the arguments must be supplied positionally, not by keyword.) The start_response callable is used to Begin the HTTP response, and it must return a write(body_data) callable (see the Buffering and Streaming section, below).

The status argument is an HTTP "status" string like "200 OK" or "404 Not Found" . That is, it is a string consisting of a Status-Code and a Reason-Phrase, in that order and separated by a single space, with no surrounding whitespace or other characters. (See RFC 2616, Section 6.1.1 for more information.) The string must not contain control characters, and must not be terminated with a carriage return, linefeed, or combination thereof.

The response_headers argument is a list of (header_name, header_value) tuples. It must be a Python list; ie type(response_headers) is ListType, and the server may change its contents in any way it desires. Each header_name must be a valid HTTP header Field-name (as defined by RFC 2616, Section 4.2), without a trailing colon or other punctuation.

Each header_value must not include any control characters, including carriage returns or linefeeds, either embedded or at the end. (These requirements are to minimize the complexity of any parsing that must be performed by servers, gateways, and intermediate response that need to inspect Or modify response headers.)

In general, the server or gateway is responsible for ensuring that correct headers are sent to the client: if the application omits a header required by HTTP (or other relevant specifications that are in effect), the server or gateway must add it. For example, the HTTP Date: and Server: headers would normally be supplied by the server or gateway.

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