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Function Compute Python Environ Parameter

Date Created: May 25, 2018
Last Update: May 25, 2018

Item Description and Usage
REQUEST_METHOD The HTTP request method, such as "GET" or "POST" . This can never be an empty string, and is required.
SCRIPT_NAME The initial portion of the request URL's "path" that corresponds to the application object, so that the application knows its virtual "location". This may be an empty string, if the application corresponds to the "root" of the server.
PATH_INFO The remainder of the request URL's "path", designating the virtual "location" of the request's target within the application. This may be an empty string, if the request URL targets the application root and does not have a trailing slash.
QUERY_STRING The portion of the request URL that follows the "?", if any. May be empty or absent.
CONTENT_TYPE The contents of any Content-Type fields in the HTTP request. May be empty or absent.
CONTENT_LENGTH The contents of any Content-Length fields in the HTTP request. May be empty or absent.
SERVER_NAME, SERVER_PORT When combined with SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO, these two strings can be used to complete the URL. Note, however, that HTTP_HOST, if present, should be used in preference to SERVER_NAME for reconstructing the request URL. See the URL Reconstruction section below for more detail SERVER_NAME and SERVER_PORT can never be empty strings, and so are always required.
SERVER_PROTOCOL "The version of the protocol the client used to send the request. (This may indicate the protocol used in the request, and is not the protocol that will be used in the server's response. However, for compatibility with CGI we have to keep the existing name.)
HTTP_ Variables Variables corresponding to the client-supplied HTTP request headers (ie, variables who names begin with "HTTP_" ). The presence or absence of these variables should correspond with the presence or absence of the appropriate HTTP header in the request.

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