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Day #6 - API Gateway SSL

Date Created: June 8, 2018
Last Update: June 8, 2018

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Alibaba Documentation

Alibaba Documentation

API Gateway:
Alibaba API Gateway Product Page
Alibaba API Gateway Documentation
Installing API Gateway SSL Certificates


API Gateway is a managed service that makes it easy to publish secure APIs at scale. API Gateway interfaces with a number services such as ECS, Function Compute and web applications to name a few. API Gateway also integrates with DNS services to provide domain-name based APIs.

End to end security is very important today. Alibaba API Gateway supports HTTPS with customer provided SSL certificates. This is not well documented, so this article will discuss how to create an SSL certificate and upload to API Gateway. We will also discuss how to bind a domain subdomain to be used with API Gateway for your endpoints.

This means that your API Gateway endpont can look like:

instead of:


The steps and examples in this article are for Windows 10. Everything is almost identical for Linux.

  • OpenSSL for Windows Download. I am using this 64-bit version on my system Windows 64-bit Download
  • Console access to your domain's DNS servers.
  • Console access to API Gateway.
  • Understand how to create DNS records.
  • Understand certificates (CRT), certificte signing requests (CSR), public keys, private keys.

To be continued.

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