AWS, Azure and Alibaba Solutions Architects and Software Development

Our customers are mostly government, education and fortune 5000 customers migrating from on-premises to AWS either entirely or via hybrid environments. We specialize in AWS advanced networking and security for hybrid environments and software development for AWS in C++, .NET, Java, Python and PHP.

John Hanley

I am the primary consultant at NeoPrime. I have 35+ years of software development experience. I have over 10 years of experience with AWS and Azure and eight AWS certifications including the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional, which is the highest certification offered by Amazon Web Services. I became a Microsoft MVP in 2000 and an Alibaba MVP in 2018. I am a frequent speaker at trade shows and events around the world.

On July 2, 2018 I became an Alibaba Cloud MVP. Alibaba is the most promising new company in the global cloud market and I like being on the ground floor learning everything as they build their market share. My experiences working with the Alibaba Cloud teams is nothing short of amazing. My goal is to expand my business to include consulting on cloud services in China. On September 17, 2018 I achieved the Alibaba professional certification (Alibaba Cloud Professional - Cloud Computing Certification).

Amazon Web Services

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional
AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty
AWS Certified Security Specialty
AWS Certified SysOps Associate
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
AWS Certified Developer Associate
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Alibaba Cloud

I have the Alibaba Alibaba Cloud Professional Cloud Computing Certification and 13 minor Alibaba Cloud Certifications. I have a page dedicated to my Alibaba certifications.
Alibaba Cloud Professional - Cloud Computing Certification.


Certified Data Storage Professional (CDSP)

802.11 Wireless Security

Security and networking are my favorite specialties. There are two major areas that I focus on where security is critical in today's companies: in the cloud and over 802.11 wireless networks. I have AWS cloud security covered above, below are my credentials for 802.11 wireless.

CWNP Certified Wireless Security Professional
CWNP Certified Wireless Technical Specialist

Other Interests

I volunteer teaching AWS cloud and web site programming to teenagers on weekends. I have even had one student successfully pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate last year (2017).

I served on the Linux Board for two years. This was an eye opener on the complications of major open source projects.

I have two private pilots licenses (Single-Engine and Multi-Engine). There is nothing comparable to jumping in a plane for an afternoon or weekend trip. I have rented planes all over the world and have seen the sights in very unique ways.

First Class Radio Telephone with Radar License (broadcast engineer for TV and radio). This was my first certification / license received in 1976.

Billiards - Nine Ball and Snooker. At one time I was a world ranked player. I have a number of friends that are/were world class champions such as Paul Potier and Dan Louie.

Future Certification and Training Plans

I am currently undergoing training and certification with the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI DSS) to become an expert on PCI compliance requirements, assessment and remediation.

In preparing for the CWNP CWSP certification, I also studied Cisco wireless security and Comptia's Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA+). I will probably take the CSA+ exam this fall. Security expertise is constantly evolving so having both depth and breadth of knowledge is important.

In preparation to attend Amazon's re:Invent this November in Las Vegas, I plan to take the last certification that I don't have before the show: AWS Certified Big Data Specialty. If AWS announces new certifications at the event, I plan to take all of them blind without advanced preparation.

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